Why Stats Make Me Cry

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July 16, 2016
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August 10, 2016

Why Stats Make Me Cry


Because this is a sobby post, I’ll let you in on why the title of this blog post is so dramatic.

I’ve been preparing to write my exams this Monday on Advanced Statistics for Social Sciences. And I have been dreading every minute as we edge closer to the D-day because my success is hinged on that paper. So, I did what every normal person would do; look for a group to share these anxieties with and they let you know ‘you will never walk alone’ which is the tagline of a premier league team which I shall not name. I found a blog run by this handsome professor dude which showed great promise. You guessed the name right…statsmakemecry.com

Professor Jeremy J. Taylor has enough accolades and status for me to wax lyrical about for the next four hundred and twenty three words but I’ll spare you. Now, his loop earring and perfectly gelled hair is something I could tell you about. This is not “thirst” by the way (hehehe) he honestly has a Sam Smithesque vibe. See, everything about his appearance down to his starched white shirt says that he is not as nerdy as he sounds. So my confusion begins when I realize that his idea of a good rant about stats is something he calls “Statistical Soup” where he goes on to dissect ANOVA, Mancova  and T-tests in great detail.

I’m stumped!

I was looking for a safe place to vent about my troubled relationship with statistics. And to talk about how I want to grasp just enough to do my thesis and that kind of thing but no, Prof had other ideas and so the search continues.

Despite what you may think, I sometimes don’t follow my own creativity/ writing advice and I think to myself,”giiiiirl, you need to show your lovely readers that you practice what you preach…” because I emphasized on planning in this video  and I haven’t been doing that this past two weeks.


This Sunday I planned out stuff for this week and the content is great. You will want to SUBSCRIBE to get everything as soon as it is available.



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