VIDEO: My Creative Writing Process.

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August 10, 2016
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September 1, 2016

VIDEO: My Creative Writing Process.


In the beginning of this year I set out with a word in my heart, abundance. That sounds deep…mmh. I learnt this practice from a lady I respect and admire so much in this entertainment industry. I declared that this was the year of abundance in my creativity.

While this is making of videos is not a unique idea, I felt compelled to share other aspects of my blog than just fun travel series, interviews and witty reviews. I researched for some topics to begin with and found a number of good writers doing just that, though I’m yet to find a Kenyan doing that exclusively. Tell you what, let me know in the comments section if you are or know someone who does blogging/ writing videos!

I started out with a topic I have experienced and which would be fun for you to see as well. This one on my creativity process is purely based on my method which I have refined over the years. Creativity to me is living a fearless awesome life, dreaming in colour and doing what you love without judgement.

You will probably see more of my producer/ director/ editor when we do a ‘behind-the-scenes’ video and he will tell you that each time is a unique experience. For now, the set-up is quite simple and so is the message. I intend to keep learning and improving because sometimes I start on the right note then muddle it up then we have to start all over again! It is dreary, fun and fulfilling at the same darn time, quite confusing huh?

In this video, which is available on my Facebook page ‘Gathoni Writes’ as well,  I talk about my creative writing process. I plan and schedule my writing to monitor the progress I make. There are times when I don’t feel like writing but I force myself to do it anyway. I cringe when reading some of those posts because they lack pizzazz. The secret is to keep doing it even when you are at your worst!

Here’s the video, please leave a comment or critique to enhance your watching experience as I get on with it:

***click on the blue link ‘my creative writing process’****

VIDEO | My Creative Writing Process


My face shines a bit too much and I say  the word maybe a thousand times (haha) so just work with me here, we’re gonna get better. Any suggestions, talk to me….

Thank you for watching!





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