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March 10, 2016
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June 28, 2016

Turning One


This is a short post. I’m holding a hat in my hands asking humbly that you forgive me for the long silence. Almost two months have passed since I started renovations on this site and the blog posts have been on hold. Yes, we have moved from to Bigger, better, shinier and all that good stuff. I have not abandoned blogging, I have just revamped it. I have tweaked some blog posts have a look at them and let me know what you think.

During that move the blog celebrated its FIRST birthday! That’s right, one year of sheer absolute craziness, lots of laughter, lots of pain and fun. FUN! I can honestly say I have gone through it all. From starting out with so little and now with so much. It has been a year of abundance and I’m grateful. The thought process for a chit chat blog post is quite easy. You experience something then write about it. I wanted to do more than that so I branched out and tried creative fiction, reviews and people profiles. In the new site I have done adjustments I have retained the reviews and the people profiles and included travel and a section that shows where we have featured in the media. My creative fiction has found a home in scripting for film, ads and music videos. I scripted a dance promo which you should definitely watch.

Lastly, I will not have done this post justice if I don’t acknowledge the team working behind the scenes. It is because of them this has been made possible. THANK YOU! Check in with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and lets get this started. (#gathoniwrites)




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It feels good to be back. Lets catch up with what you have been up to lately…..




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