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I curated a popular column that celebrated local content creators on my Facebook page for a while. This was the result of a debate about Kenyans having little to bring to the table in terms of creativity. As a budding digital content creator, I felt obliged to showcase digital content including social media accounts which generated some buzz during the past week or were interesting enough. And so #Take5 was birthed.

While I knew I would eventually feature other accounts that were not local, I started off with 100% Kenyan content. During that time, I curated more than thirty accounts and when reviewing them yesterday I found some that had made great strides during my looooong hiatus and some new ones to follow.

#1. Rico Warui of @ricowarui (YouTube)


An animation created by Rico Warui.

He makes documentaries and short features on his mobile phone. Previously he had been doing them intermittently but now he has a few more on his channel. He describes his channel as a random posts on film-making, photography, animation, gaming and technology.  captures scenic footage of his home town in Nakuru. Plus his voice-overs are quite good.

#2. Wendy Watta of @wattaonthego (Instagram)

Wendy Watta. Image credit: http://www.yummy.co.ke/author/wendy/

She is a travel blogger who frequently posts about her escapades on IG. Her beautifully curated feed gives fresh perspective on travel and activities you can take advantage of when visiting new places. Talk about dining, horseback riding and catching some vitamin sea. 😉

#3. Jasmine Macharia of @cookingwithjaz (YouTube)

Jaz. Image credit: http://cookingwithjaz.com/about-me/

I started watching her on YouTube channel after hearing about her book ‘Breakfast With The King.’ Her channel is a healthy mix of cook-along videos, recipes and hip-hop (her husband is a DJ). What I appreciate most about her work is the simplicity of the meals,ingredients you can source for locally and glimpses of her day to day life.

#4. Lea Wanjaria of walkwithlea.com (Blog)

Lea Wanjaria. Image credit: http://walkwithlea.com/about/

I enjoy her travel stories from all over the world. I recently bookmarked her blog because I kept losing it in my searches. Her latest blog post on her visit to Ethiopia is already on her site, do have a look. She’s definitely worth adding to your ‘following’ list.

#5. The Arena of @thearena (Twitter)

The Arena’s poster. Image credit: https://twitter.com/thearenakenya/media

#MatchMentor was such a great event to follow this past week on Twitter. If you’re interested in following the growth of the Creative Economy in Kenya, check them out.

I’d like to know what other account/s I should check out, leave a comment and let me know! Or you can just say a quick hello 🙂




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