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July 21, 2015
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October 5, 2015

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Hi there, remember me? I used to serve up quirky tidbits about my life and sometimes humdrum occurrences when I was feeling philosophical, pretty narcissist, huh? Ok, considering we’re living in the age of TMI, status updates and millions of selfies I’m yet to reach my self-absorption quota I think.

You haven’t heard from me lately actually it has been radio silence for about two months, usually I’d apologize but allow me to can it because one blog post doesn’t begin to tell the half of it.

We good?

Great! Then lets get to it, I’ve been itching to tell.

I had my very first official INTERVIEW!! Bam!

It was a chance meeting at a recent women entrepreneurs conference which I had attended with two colleagues. Great speakers, impressive panel and okay food and snacks. During the networking session a lady came by to find out what I was about. I filled her in quite quickly, you never know with this things. Maybe it’s that “elevator pitch” nonsense I hear about. She suggested the idea of an interview which I was reluctant to do at first. I readily added the reason I wouldn’t make a great interviewee was I felt I had not accomplished enough to be able to inspire someone else. I was being very sincere then later on as I mulled over this excuse I realised later that FEAR keeps many people ME from saying YES!!

I should have responded with alot of enthusiasm, “of course yes, my story will entertain if not empower someone somewhere.” Or a cocky “why not, I’m awesome” maybe not that. I guess she hears this on a daily basis she told me something profound that I intend to replay every time someone wants to turn down my offer.

“There’s a story that can be told, whether big or small, the grand recognition will come at its own time,”

This nudge got me narrating story after story which might not have been relevant to her questions now that I think about it. See in the movies when a character is mobbed by journalists and they do the hair-flip and give smart ass quotes? Well, that was me. A lady has got to have her moment.

The most important thing I took away from it all was just when you have sat by a dusty bench on the road side of under performance, a little encouragement ignites a fire so large it jump-starts your creating genius. Now, I’ve been stoking that fire for the past few days, reading upon great articles on consistency, watching videos about psychology and obsessively profiling myself to find a tune that I can constantly pluck. (don’t ask)

Then its time we switched things up abit here, give it a name that reflects what I DO not just my life, now I’m super duper excited about where this could go! 

Now you’ll have two posts each week as I build back regular content and an interview over the weekend with a surprise guest. Yay. I’ll chase this people down for all the saucy stories I can get  plus the awesome projects they’re working on. Of course they’ll be young go-getters and feisty enough.

Share your sentiments below and feel free to call me out on the slacking lately, hehe



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