Refusing To Be Average.

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September 7, 2016
May 2, 2017

Refusing To Be Average.


Esther Kinuthia is an energetic and motivated leader who practices the mantra challenging the youth to “refuse to be average.” The twenty four year-old who says family is her greatest influence, has gone on to rack up some worthy mentions and impressive awards to her name.

She is among other glowing accolades the winner of the Business Daily Top 40 Under 40 Award 2014, the Africa Adwords Social Lead at Google in Dublin and a reknown blogger.

Some of you may have read her blog can appreciate her candid and valuable posts on careers and life. Esther says it takes a lot of mental and emotional preparation to share some of her most personal posts and a misconception that people have is that . The blog which she started in 2012 is her platform to inform, inspire and ignite the African youth. She adds that the growth of her blog has been fueled by passion and commitment. In her interview with Gathoni Writes I sought to know more about her life, blog and what makes her tick:

Looking back, when would you say the tide changed in your favour?

When I was shortlisted as a semi-finalist in the Unilever Idea Trophy competition as a first year student. I was competing with fourth years and that was a personal testimony that I can be anything I set myself to be.

What have been your proudest moments?

Penning my first blog post. Being named as the recipient of the Top 40 under 40 women award. Getting an internship at Google then getting a full-time job in the Google EMEA Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

When coming back to Kenya,what are the five things you miss about Dublin?

I miss my lovely housemate. Hey Tasnia! She is an amazing individual and she continues to inspire me to be a better person every single day. I am so blessed to have her and may all her dreams come true.

The people. There are really cool people in this world you just need to travel to interact with them. The party life because majority of my colleagues are my age and love to turn up.

I also miss the diversity. There are so many [human] races in Dublin, I miss hanging out with people from all over the world. Plus the random street events!

What are some of the lessons you’ve gained in your workplace as a young woman leader?

You will never be short of reasons to give up, so cheer up and have fun as you chase your dreams.


The Miss Independent Blog.

You have been blogging for a while, what is Miss Independent about?

The blogs seeks to inform, inspire and ignite the African youth.

I’ve saw you talk about a rebrand of your site on Instagram, if you don’t mind talking about it why have you decided to do it and what can your audience expect.

I am getting really busy and I would like to create a work-life balance by building a platform that is constantly useful even when I am caught up with work.

You have also mentioned that you will be getting off social media, why is that?

I would create social media channels for the new platform and put more effort there than on my personal channels. I feel my personal life wouldn’t add any more value to my readers.

Would you say your education helped you in managing your blog to what it is today?

I really haven’t thought about this to be honest.

Any significant other?

There is someone I love very much, if he asked me to marry him, I would say YES any day, anywhere, anytime. He has me now and forever, but really, I am still single! He hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend…so yeah

Lastly, outside your work and blog what else are you passionate about?

The pursuit of happiness! Another reason why I want to re-brand. I am self-actualising and would like to help people learn how to find happiness.






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