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June 10, 2015
Greece Tips.
July 21, 2015

Penny Pinching.



Remember how I started the Centonomy Finance Classes some time back and how every other week I’ve been keeping y’all updated? Since I have dedicated quite a bit of time on money stories I should at least say how it’s going on that front. Well, behind all the glamorous terms like “compound interest” and “time value of money” there has been a struggle.

A real one.

See, the reality is usually far more brutal than a usual post which would otherwise gloss over the bumps on the way. It’s more and more about following up on money I splurged to buy things I didn’t feel like I deserved in the long run. Then seeing the many things I could do instead. It sucked!!

Then after a while I began enjoying it, I looked forward to seeing what I had managed to save and put to better use, what was left over after diligent shopping instead of sweep everything into the cart and regretting later. It was a warm fuzzy feeling. Umm maybe I’ll stick with it was a responsible feeling.

It is tedious but worth it. You might get frustrated only for a short time but the “millionaires” road is certainly paved with afew hard choices.

On that note, we’re learning investment ideas tomorrow. Yay!! I can hardly wait.



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