Lord Egerton Castle, Nakuru

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June 28, 2016
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Lord Egerton Castle, Nakuru


Maurice got dumped. I imagine Katrina*, his girlfriend, walked around tossing her brunette curls over her shoulder as she eyed the house he had built her. He called it a castle. A castle? Was he kidding? It looked like a chicken coop or a dog pen for crying out loud! And she told him as much. She had not come to live in a hovel like this. Her bloodline was pure and royalty deserved the best that life could offer.

He probably faltered in his step thinking about the tiles he had flown in from China and the marble fixtures from Italy which were exquisite and modern. And presume a lion skin rug he had gotten from his travels was bound to impress her. (those rugs were the in-thing those days.) Didn’t she see the escalator he had just installed? This was not going as he had planned. He held onto her elbow tighter willing her bad vibes away. Praying to God that she would see all the work he had put into it. She was neither impressed nor blown away. She was going back to Austria and there was nothing he could do or say. After the brief house tour they sat on the patio sipping tea and a slice of awkward silence. This relationship couldn’t be salvaged.

So instead of going on a bender like a normal guy, bile stuck in his crow. He vowed never to let a woman in his sights again. He put signs up all over his expansive estate that they would be shot on sight. He also got rid of the chicken and dogs because of the comparison Katrina* had made. Yet here we were, prancing and touching stuff in his house. The sheer nerve!

I had gone to see the Lord Egerton Castle a while back with great expectations in mind. A friend was getting married and exploring the castle was an added plus. The pictures I had seen before didn’t quite prepare me for what I experienced. As we walked around the house which is a replica of the house in Tatton Park in Cheshire, UK, Robert a groundskeeper told the tale of the last baron of Tatton. The castle was a stately house with minimum furniture, a grand piano missing some keys and a rich history. The grounds were quite expansive and well cared for.

The highlights were;


The Grand Piano




Lord Maurice, 4th and last Baron Egerton of Tatton, died in 1958 . His legacy lives on in the Tatton Mansion and Gardens in the UK and the Egerton University and Castle grounds.

[Top right: a side view of the house from the grounds. Top left: the grand piano Lord Egerton used
Centre: A stairway leading to the top floor of the house.]

Bits and Pieces.

He was an innovator and a man of great inventive and technical skill.

He served as a lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

Lord Egerton was a pioneer aviator, photographer and filmmaker with a penchant for cars and travel.

The house has been stripped bare of so many essential things which is a bit disconcerting.

He founded what is now known as Egerton University for white European youth with interests in agriculture.

It is about 200km from Nairobi and about 14km from Nakuru town

You will take about four hours to get there by public transport. When using private means have a clear route to use because some areas are deserted.

Things to do.

Take lots of pictures 🙂

Be inquisitive. The guided tours allow you to hear the story from a local persons point of view.

The grounds are ideal for ceremonies and especially garden-themed weddings.

Team building exercises

Picnics and camps

*not her real name,it remained undisclosed even in public records

Happy travels!


(Additional picture from traveladventurist’s blog)




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