Being At One Hundred Percent | A Life Update

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September 1, 2016
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October 25, 2016

Being At One Hundred Percent | A Life Update


This is a post I knew I would have to do sooner rather than later. I was torn between making a video and writing a blog post. After mulling over it for some more I got my writing gear out for this. I will talk about projects I have enjoyed working on and things I’m doing so you can catch up with where I’m at.

I’ll get to that in a minute, first let me tell you about an experience which informed the title of my post today. I was reading an email from one of the famous bloggers ( I have subscribed to and in it she had a set of challenges for us about operating our lives/ businesses at a bare minimum.

How often can you say you were at our best, your one hundred percent? When did you last work your behind for months on end to deliver results for something you felt strongly about? Because in many cases, complacency and being average overtakes good intentions then we start to do things mechanically. We perform them like boring chores and use minimum creativity. That said I will be channelling my dedication to the following projects for the next one hundred or so days before the year ends:

The Blog

I have been keeping up with my content schedule almost religiously. You notice that I say almost because some weeks I’m pumped and others I just want to lay my head down and sleep forever. The plan has been to consistently put new stuff here for you to enjoy and videos over on my Facebook page as well. If you haven’t watched them you should!

That has been exciting and I will put in more work and resources then move on to YouTube when I’m confident about my video content. Let me tell you something about dreams and the power of the tongue. I kept telling everyone who would listen that I would start making videos and so a friend suggested that I should shoot my first video during my birthday weekend. Being me, I freaked out of course because when someone says they’ll help you lots of accountability comes with that. First forward to now, many months in, and I’m doing the damn thing!

My Work Situation

After talking about some good community projects I was doing last year, several people and organisations reached out to me with opportunities. Kasoma Africa ( was the one place that I was keen about. Recently, I accepted their offer and will be contributing to their website which is a platform for sharing African experiences and stories.

I’m also designing different packages for people with writing and social media activation needs. I will share with you the services as soon as everything’s ready.

Books, Movies and Social Media

I am now reading my tenth book of the year and I say this with so much pride. I have confessed in the past how I had hit a snug in reading and how I struggled with it last year, it sure feels good to be back. I give regular unadulterated snippets of my current reads on my Instagram account as well as what I’ll be reading next so you might want to check that out.

I watch movies and series regularly and do commentary on Twitter which I’m very active on, follow me. I have considered doing a run-down on all the different movies but they’re so many. I’ll probably do a ”book vs movie” post to summarise it well.

On my Facebook page I started a project to document Kenyan content creators who were doing some great work using the hashtag ‘take five’ (#Take5). I have received overwhelming support and kind comments from almost everyone though there was one questioning the integrity of a creator I featured. I thought I would address it here before the next #Take5

I appreciate creativity as well as the integrity of an artist and how they use their art. I write about this people and their accounts/sites because they’re interesting and fresh, all I’m saying is “check this out” and you not liking someone or their work is okay too. Whether someone buys followers or boosts their post isn’t something that I would want to filter these creators by. It’s about a mention appreciating good work. I hope that helps you understand my method of curating #Take5 also don’t hesitate to check in with me about it even on private message.




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