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App Review| Diary Buddy


Meet Lizzie. My sleek, dark, trusty Windows 535 phone. We’ve been together for about ten months now. And boy have we had some good fun! The front-facing camera has been and still is my favourite feature, selfie anyone?

You know for the longest time I had this tiny blue Alcatel phone that my friends teased me mercilessly about. She was glued to my palm all day and was a great conversation starter. I loved her even when the keypad was worn out from use. Then the gods decided that a girl needed a new phone.

Let’s talk about this app: Diary Buddy.

You can keep track of the stuff you have going on in a funky organised way. This app uses a ‘status update’ model like Facebook to organise your diary entries for you. So when you click on new entry, you will type in ‘what’s on your mind.’ Then to add more detail to your entry you can select your mood whether ‘awesome’ ‘bored’ or ‘okay’ then include a location and picture of what the day looks like. More options like voice attachments, doodles and videos will add more spice to your entry. Doodles are quite interesting actually because if you lack in sketching prowess like yours truly, the star you doodle will end up looking like the talons of a bird. Hehe

Why You Should Check It Out.

This app has great functional features to it. You can tell that the developers thought about how the app would mesh with everyday life. I’m yet to see a function that doesn’t fit into the overall experience. One, the help list gives you detailed information on how to customize the app for your exclusive use. You can get rid of the pop-ups with the disable button.

Two, the app is linked with your email account or in my case an Outlook account, which is convenient for when you want to include your friends in your plans. The email title is your diary entry and the body includes the location, what you plan to do and a time-stamp of when you will do it.

Three, all engagements on a particular entry are blocked out in your calendar and synced with your phone. The app automatically saves the stuff you type in so you won’t have frantic moments of wondering where everything you typed went to.

Other Things To Look Out For.

The blog! These guys have a blog with FAQ pages and updates on the improvements they make on the app. It is a great way to connect with people with similar preferences and compare notes

You can register complaints or report aspects of the app that you don’t like.

You have the option of lending your Diary Buddy to a friend by sharing it on social media. Tag a friend and if they love it, you get bragging rights and the ‘coolest kid’ badge of honour!


It is developed by a company called Motion Cyphers.

It took me less than two minutes to download and install which is great considering the many features it has.

I would recommend it to someone who loves to try organisation apps.

I have used it four times today. (actually that was yesterday, Tuesday, when this post was supposed to be on the blog) I will resist the urge to regale you with stories of the disaster that as the Internet this past few days! 🙁


The photo, moods and doodle options are so much fun. It’s kinda like making a movie about your day.

You can add as many entries as possible in any given day.


The aesthetic look could be more refined.



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