Three Ways To Find Balance.

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December 8, 2015
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December 10, 2015

Three Ways To Find Balance.


So I’m chilling, soaking up silence as I think up great intros for this blog post. It has been an eventful day. Time well-spent. There is this computer literacy project which is teaching kids how to code. You have probably seen it on my social media accounts if I haven’t Whatsapped you the link already because one of the local dailies ran a story about it.

In the midst of congratulations from my friends (they put my picture in that story) someone commented that this is such a great state to find myself in. Well, it sure is! I tweeted, Instagrammed and whipped up a spiel about it. I shamelessly put myself out there. See, I’m aware that some people might not be too pleased with the TMI overload though I keep doing it. Why? Because I want to spark vibes of achievement. I want someone to think and DO something they have been dreaming of. So before it all escapes me here are some things to work through to find balance.

Let it come to you.

So I might not have the clear picture yet. It’s frustrating not knowing where each chip falls. I take a while to mull things over and consciously arrange stuff to gear me in that direction. I know I want my free time to be filled up with activity that builds me up especially in leadership. So I will avoid bingeing on series every day then wondering why I haven’t achieved much that week. There is no shame in turning down invitations to do more fun stuff to focus on meaningful activities.

It takes time.

There’s no rush to make major decisions. Start with the small stuff now when it’s easy. That way when you falter there’s not much to clean up.  I feel that gut-wrenching fear of failure and plough right on. It is not pretty, you have to gear up to do stuff you cringe at. My thoughts are swirl-like mash when I’m going through some of these phases. Give it time. It could be building an online presence or starting a business or going for an elective post give it time.

Do it for love.

They will tell you in books about passion and you will hear it in videos too. I will say it simply. If it doesn’t cause you sleep at night or if you don’t rise up early for it, then it isn’t worth it. Or you have lost the original love you had for it.

Listen, for a long while I didn’t read any novels which was strange because I’m a book addict. I was sick of seeing long winding prose. Not to mean I didn’t read other stuff like magazines and Facebook statuses, I just put books away. A couple of years went by then early this year I got my first book and have been reading one after the other. I also just did my first book review. Check it out J

It has been gone a while but I’m back to reading again and enjoy it a lot more. Has finding balance worked for you? Let me know in the comment box below J



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